What’s New at winebarrel.ca

We Create Various Items from the Authentic American Oak Wine Barrel Accessories

Wall Hangings

From classic Valentines Day to wall sconces, we can make matching pairs, singles, or multiple levels.

Custom Made Wine Racks

Custom Made Wine Racks….everyone is a bit different than the next one.  These can be natural wood or stained either […]

Tea Light Holders

Full Stave tea light holders, part stave holders.  Many different designs and all your ideas are welcome, please contact us […]

Coat Racks

We have many different “coat” racks, they could be used for hanging pretty much anything.  We have single “door knob” […]

Crib Boards

These handmade crib boards are crafted from wine barrel staves.  Each one is different and unique, as each one is […]