Custom Tables and Barrel Toppers

45 Tables and 90 barrels for the Vancouver Christmas Market.

We have in-stock a variety of 6-foot and 8-foot bar type tables.


Add a real country feeling to any party with a 22-inch diameter “barrel toppers”.  Ideal for displaying flowers or holder attendees beverages.

Coat Racks

We have many different “coat” racks, they could be used for hanging pretty much anything.  We have single “door knob” hangers, multiple “door knob” hangers, single hook hangers, “insulator” hangers, “railroad spike” hangers, dog leash hangers… We can make hangers with almost anything you would like.
coat-rack1-500 wine-barrel-lid-with-shelfproducts-door-gripsets-on-s

Crib Boards

These handmade crib boards are crafted from wine barrel staves.  Each one is different and unique, as each one is hand drilled.  All boards come with pegs.