About Us


A few years ago, my spouse, Michelle and I went for a romantic getaway at Burrowing Owl winery near Osoyoos, BC.  Upon arriving, I noticed a stack of used full-size wine barrels outside the winery for sale.  When we checked in, I enquired the price.  Then I had an idea, why not try to sell some, cut in half, back on the coast?  So I went on my computer and advertised “half wine barrel planters.” We went for dinner, and when we returned I had sold a truckload!

After a few loads of barrels, and selling many, I realized that the oak wood that the barrels are made from was incredibly beautiful and dense.  Since high school, I had always liked woodworking, so I decided to try out some ideas. The plan was to make some crafts my friends were interested purchasing. Michelle suggested we should try a craft show or two. After a few weeks, Michelle decided to visit a local store, Brick and Mortar Living, in New Westminster, BC. She showed the staff a few projects and next thing you know, they wanted my stuff to sell in their store. Wow! My stuff in a store?  From there, I went to a few more shops and continued building as a side project.

One day someone asked if they could rent a couple barrels?  For what I asked?  As decoration for a wedding…. BAM! Another idea!  So I started advertising “Wine Barrels For Rent” on various sites… and another side of Winebarrel.ca took off.

I now rent many barrels per year to many small events, such as weddings, parties and golf tourneys to large events like Vancouver Christmas Festival, Enchant festival, Harvest Haus Beer hall, JR Country’s Ultimate BBQ and more!